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Youth 'Drop-In' Clinics will Start Monday - Jan 10th!  

  • See the Junior Tennis Page for more details

Advanced Youth Training Sessions will accept new players in Jan 2022

  • See the Juniors Page for more details and email David at to sign up!


Home School Tennis with Roland

EVERY Tuesday and Thursday (8 player max)

Focus is on everything tennis from strokes to match play, and lots of fun!

Ages 7-10                                 9am-10am                               $15/pp
Ages 11-17                                10am-11am                               $15/pp

Email Roland at: or text Roland at 256-503-4801 to lock in your spot today.

HTC has added a new Tennis Bio-mechanic, strength and conditioning specialist to it's staff, Thomas Amsden.

Thomas combines his skill, experience, and expertise to the biomechanics of playing tennis, blended with proper self-conditioning to achieve your ultimate peak performance. His program is designed for all levels of tennis enthusiasts, from the beginner all the way up to a touring pro.

The system that Thomas has created provides an in-depth detailed look at how the different systems in your body affect your tennis game. All tennis players can and will greatly benefit from his unique, amazing system that make up the complete and comprehensive approach to tennis training and conditioning.

Thomas has trained and worked with hundreds of tennis athletes at all levels of skill during his career. he has enabled athletes in the game of tennis to maximize their athletic potential while reducing their risk of injury by utilizing the most unique and effective evaluation process available in the Tennessee Valley.

Utilizing a system that addresses all of these factors, structural, postural, balance, mobility, stability, agility, speed, strength, and power, nothing is left to chance. You can truly can become bulletproof.

Helping the tennis community is truly one of Thomas' greatest passions.

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